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Follow These Waters

Lewis River

Group of people enjoying the Vancouver Lake

Lewis River – Vancouver Lake Water Trail

River, lake and slough paddling await explorers on the Lewis River-Vancouver Lake Water Trail, a 32 mile water trail that connects the Lewis River in Woodland to Vancouver Lake and the Lower Columbia River Water Trail.

Lower Columbia

A group of people canoe paddling near the Lower Columbia

Lower Columbia

For millennia, humans have paddled the lower Columbia, and you can too – this site helps paddlers explore the mighty Columbia from Bonneville to Astoria.

Willamette Water Trail

A family enjoying water recreation out in the Willamette River

Willamette Water Trail

See the Willamette in a whole new way by exploring this 187 mile water trail that runs from Springfield to the Columbia!

Clackamas River Trail

Clackamas river trail

Clackamas River Trail

From Milo McIver to Clackamette Park, this water trail website will help you explore 22 miles of the Lower Clackamas River.

Fishing and Foraging

Mushroom Hunting

Two morchella mushrooms growing near a stream

Mushroom Hunting

This page from Travel Oregon is a fun guide for getting started hunting fungi.

ODFW Fishing in Oregon

A group of people fishing

ODFW Fishing in Oregon

Fishing is a year-round activity in Oregon. Learn where and how on this site.

Disabled fishing

Disabled man on wheelchair fishing near a body of water

Disabled angler access map

This website has information about all the sites in Oregon with fishing access for folks in the community with limited mobility.

Boat launch status

A boat launch site at South Fork Salmon River

Oregon boat ramp status map

Some boat launches in Oregon have been closed due to the recent wildlifes. This interactive map shows you which boat launches are open or closed.

Health of Water

Aquatic invasive plants and clams

Zebra mussels

Aquatic invasive plants and clams

All boaters and paddlers can help protect local waterways from invasive clams and weeds! This website shows you how to check your boat before you launch in a new river of lake.

Human Health

A glass of water being filled from the tap

What’s in your tap water?

Ever wonder about the safety of your drinking water? The Environmental Working Group has scoured the data from 31 million state water records, and has created this handy database to show us what is in our drinking water. Enter your zip code to see what's coming out of your tap.

Drought monitor map

A floating pier resting on ground at empty reservoir in Oregon

Drought monitor map

Is your county in a drought? Click on this map to drill down to the state and county level!

Water's Walk through Hanford

The aerial view of the Hanford site

Water’s Walk through Hanford

This creative, fictional account of a water drop’s travels through the Hanford nuclear site is rich in facts, history, and actions you can take to help clean up Hanford.

Nature in Your Backyard

Stormwater management practices

Rain flowing into barrel from a down sprout

Stormwater management best practices

Because clean rivers start at home, here are tips and tricks for managing stormwater in your yard.

What’s Your Lawn Style

A woman overseeing the lawn

What’s Your Lawn Style

Whether you dread lawn care or you are a lawn enthusiast, we’ve got free tips for a safe and healthy lawn from turf experts.


Find the perfect native plant for your space

This comprehensive online tool helps you pick the right one native plants for your yard based on soil and location. This is also a great tool to help identify wildflowers you see on your hike.

Find Native Plants

A sign from the Backyard Habitat Certification program

Find Native Plants

Ready to restore some habitat in your backyard? This map show sources of native plants in your area.

Plants and Wildlife


iNaturalist – amphibians in Oregon page

Amphibians don't get enough love! This interactive website has data about all species identified by the community, including photos and information about all the frogs and salamanders in your area.


A blue heron with a fish in its beak

Bird hot spots in your area

Are you interested to explore bird-watching? This interactive map has information to find bird sightings in your area, and to listend to their songs and more.


Oregon Conservation Strategy species

If you are interested to know what important fish and wildlife habitat exists in Oregon, this interactive map tool, helps you search for them. The tool is a bit tricky to use, so click the tutorial button for help.

Endangered species

USFWS Endangered Species search

Many salmon populations are "threatened" species on the Endangered Species List. Learn about all the bird, plant, amphibian and fish species and how you can help.