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Connect with Water

McKenzie River

McKenzie River Trail

Bike or hike through the 26 mile McKenzie River Trail and pass by the clear topaz Tamolitch Blue Pool.

Clackamas River Trail

Clackamas river trail

Clackamas River Trail

From Milo McIver to Clackamette Park, this water trail website will help you explore 22 miles of the Lower Clackamas River.

Disabled fishing

Disabled man on wheelchair fishing near a body of water

Disabled angler access map

This website has information about all the sites in Oregon with fishing access for folks in the community with limited mobility.

Swim beach status

A diverse group of individuals smiling in the river

The Swim Guide – Beachfinder interactive map

Summer is coming soon and we'll be swimming in rivers again. This interactive map is a one-stop guide for Oregon and SW Washington beach and water quality information.

Trails, Parks, and Campgrounds

Same-day campsite reservastions

Oregon camping

Are you trying to plan out a last minute vacation in Oregon? Oregon State Parks now allows you to reserve a campsite on the same day.

Access Trails

Access Recreation – AccessTrails in Portland Metro Area

AccessTrails provides videos, maps, and descriptions of over 36 parks and trails within the Portland Metro Area

Oregon Hiking

Oregon Hikers map

If you are looking for new areas to hike along a river or to a lake in Oregon, this website has information about all the hiking trails in Oregon orgnized difficulty, conditions and more.

Washingtion hiking

Washington Trails Association map

If you are looking for new areas to hike along a river or to a lake in Washington, this website has information about the 3,000 hiking trails in Washington.

Health of Water

Toxics in rivers

A biologist testing the oxygen levels in the river

EPA How’s my waterway tool

If you are interested in the science of water quality, this interactive map has detailed information about the condition of your local waterway. Contact us, and we can help you interpret the results.

Endangered species

USFWS Endangered Species search

Many salmon populations are "threatened" species on the Endangered Species List. Learn about all the bird, plant, amphibian and fish species and how you can help.

Climate change

Tribal Climate Tool

This science-based tool, intended for use by tribes in the Pacific Northwest, about how climate change affects watersheds and more. Search by tribe and geography.

Harmful Algal Blooms

Harmful Algal Blooms

Be on the lookout for Harmful algal blooms which poses a significant environmental threat, releasing toxins that can harm aquatic life and impact human health when they contaminate water sources. When in doubt, stay out!


Indigenous communities map

The digital map for native territories of Oregon

Map of indigenous communities

Explore this interactive map of indigenous communities, and learn about the history with links to tribal and nation websites.

Historic geography

Columbia River Ice Age floods

The Columbia River is the 4th largest river in the United States. Follow the pat of ice age floods that formed the river we see today.

Current geography

River Runner water drop tool

If a raindrop fell on your house, do you know where it will end up? Put a raindrop anywhere on a map in the United States and watch where it ends up!

Watershed council map

Map Oregon watershed councils

A watershed council is a type of community organization in Oregon that helps restore our rivers and improve salmon habitat. Use this interactive map to connect with your local watershed council.

Plants and Wildlife

Oregon Master Gardeners tool

Solve Pest and Weed Problems

Not sure what type of weed or pest is creating problems to your garden? Solve Pests will help you identify the issue and give you effective recommendations

Pacific lamprey


The Pacific lamprey is a fish species central to the culture and livelihood of Indigenous people. Read about its history and its regional impact.

First Foods


Learn about the aquatic plant known as Wapato, arrowroot, or duck potato is a first foods crop for many indigenous peoples across Washington and Oregon.

What’s Your Lawn Style

A woman overseeing the lawn

What’s Your Lawn Style

Whether you dread lawn care or you are a lawn enthusiast, we’ve got free tips for a safe and healthy lawn from turf experts.