About What's Your Lawn Style?

About What's Your Lawn Style?

Follow the Water created the What’s Your Lawn Style? campaign in partnership with OSU extension.  The lawn video series will help people manage their lawns with little to no chemicals using tips from OSU turf experts. 

Why Lawn Care?

Our goal is to share sustainable lawn care information with homeowners in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Some people are forced to maintain a lawn due to neighborhood or homeowner's associations. Others may need one for the kids to trample. Some people just want a lawn, plain and simple. We're not here to judge but to share solutions that aren't dependent on chemicals. We teamed up with OSU Extension Master Gardeners to create lawn regimens to fit the needs of different types of people. The campaign was launched in June 2022 with commercials and digital ads, and the videos have already reached thousands of people throughout the Pacific Northwest!

An infographic demonstrating that 50% of Oregonians falsely believe that pesticides are removed through wastewater treatments.
An infographic demonstrating that 70% of survey respondents recreate in or near local waterways
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What's the Risk?

A common misconception is that if a lawn care product is on the shelf, it must be safe to use. But the reality is many products have the ability to harm our water, as well as people and pets, even when used according to the label. 

One of the most problematic products is weed and feed, which is a combination of weed killer and fertilizer. Weed and feed's primary ingredient, 2,4-D, is known to be harmful to humans, animals, and fish, and it’s been found at harmful levels in our waters.  This product is designed to be applied all over the lawn, even where there are no weeds, causing more risk for runoff. And turf experts note: the best time to kill spring weeds is not the best time to fertilize.

Our Lawn Commericals

We created a series of short commercials to catch the attention of people in our region searching for lawn care tips on the internet. We also shared posts on Follow the Water's social media about the campaign and lawn alternatives to invite our followers to consider the issue.

The commercials are available to share with local partners and people interested in reducing the use of lawn chemicals, such as weed and feed products.

Our Lawn "How To" Videos

Our lawn videos can be found at WhatsYourLawnStyle.org which is hosted by OSU Extension or on our YouTube playlist. We invite you to share the videos with your lawn lawn-loving friends.  

Choose the video that suits your desired level of time and energy -low, medium, or high. 

Our goal is to reach the 500,000+ people managing their own lawns with products and help them adopt water-, human-, and pet-safe practices if they are not doing them already.

How Do Lawn Products Pose Risk?

Despite being widely available on store shelves, many products pose risks—even when used according to the label.  

When selecting products, look for the signal words on labels that indicate the level of risk. CAUTION and WARNING indicate less risk, while DANGER or POISON indicates the highest risk.

Because of these risks, many lawn & garden product labels state, “Do not let the product enter waterways or storm drains.”

Warning for substances potentially toxic to aquatic life
Warning for substances potentially toxic to aquatic life

This effort is built on the work of many organizations across Oregon and Southwest Washington, including local governments, non-profits, and businesses committed to clean water in Oregon and Southwest Washington.