Follow the Water Video Series

Follow the Water Video Series

The Follow the Water video series is an exploration of diverse voices finding and fostering a profound connection, disconnection, and reconnection with what stirs in each of us, life-sustaining water.

Since their release, the Follow the Water films have secured nominations and prominent features in multiple film festivals.


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Chapter 1: Connection

"Water is our first medicine. When you have nothing else - Water"
- Judy Bluehorse Skelton

Water is the reason this planet is so special and unique. Everything that lives here relies on water. Listen to personal stories about the powerful connection we have with water, our food supply, and our well-being. The purity of our water sources is crucial to this connection but recovery for our water, our health, and our environment is possible.

Chapter 2: Disconnection

It feels like things were built against nature, but not like working with nature.
- Mareshah "MJ" Jackson

Do you know where your drinking water comes from? Do you know where your rainwater goes? We have an expectation that we can turn on the tap and we know that good clean water is there but we have lost our connection to our water. 

Chapter 3: Reconnection

When you just relax and enjoy the environment, there’s a calming effect that can raise an awareness and understanding of life’s flow.
- Caz Zyvatkauskas

Begin the journey to reconnect. We all take an active role with our water. Sometimes it can be beneficial, sometimes it can be detrimental but we all have an impact. In this video local members of our community share personal stories on the simple ways they were able to reconnect with our water in positive ways.