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“Take Care Out There” is a campaign that aims to help promote responsible recreation in Oregon and ensure outdoor opportunities for health, connection, and joy for generations to come. To help preserve Oregon for generations to come by following these three simple values: Prepare, Care, Connect.

Plan Ahead

  • Consider what you want to see and experience, and compare it with the abilities of your group and your pets
  • Consider distance, elevation change, terrain and the amount of time you have for your chosen route
  • Visit off peak and mid-week to reduce congestion
  • Research what’s seasonally available and accessible

Be Ready

  • Check local road and weather conditions and be prepared for it to change
  • Pack your Ten Essential

Don’t Forget

  • Bring enough water for your activity or pack a water purification system
  • Tell someone where you’re headed and when you plan to be back

Make Smart Choices

  • It’s always safer to travel together, and sometimes more fun, too
  • Reading signs and warnings can help keep you safe

Keep it Natural

  • Protect nature by staying on trails and in designated areas
  • Enjoy what you find and leave it behind
  • Pack out what you pack in

Be Respectful

  • Share the trail
  • Follow leash laws for pets and pack out their poop

Enjoy Yourself

  • Boost your health and well-being
  • Engage all fives senses
  • Connect with nature
  • Recharge and re-center
  • Relax with family and friends

Say Hello

  • Be welcoming to your fellow adventurers in the outdoors
  • Check in with local visitor centers and ranger stations to learn from residents, pick up maps and gather information

Spread Goodwill

  • Visit cultural and tribal centers to learn more about history and people’s relationship to place
  • Share what you know when it can help others
  • Volunteer at your favorite state, national park, or wetland!

For more tips, visit TakeCareOutThere.org

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Follow the Water

Follow the Water

Follow the Water is about our relationship with our rivers. It’s about connecting people with our water—where we live, work, and play. It’s also about connecting our behaviors to the rivers so we understand that what we do affects water—both positively and negatively. Follow the Water is about learning and sharing new ways to be better to our water with your friends and neighbors.

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