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It’s prime time for a visit to Sauvie Island, Portland’s beloved swim spot for the dog days of summer.

The island offers five beaches: Reeder Beach, Walton Beach, Collins Beach, North Unit Beach, and Warrior Point Beach. Embrace the natural beauty of the Columbia River and soak up the sun while being your full self—swimsuits are optional on Collins Beach!

Sauvie Island spans the Columbia River near Scappoose and Portland, Oregon. The island was known as Wapato Island by the Multnomah tribe of the Chinook Indians for its abundance of arrowroot plants, a first foods for indigenous peoples.

Recently, Sauvie Island Bridge was approved by the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners to accept renaming the bridge. “Today, here in Multnomah County, we find ourselves with a historic opportunity to support Indigenous efforts to heal, to reflect the truth of the land, and to reclaim both narrative and physical space for those who have always been here,” says Chair Deborah Kafoury.

Remember to keep the beach pristine for everyone to enjoy! Whether you are seeking a relaxing beach day or an adventure on the water, Sauvie Island is for everyone.

Learn more about Sauvie’s Island by visiting:

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