Owyhee Desert





Did you know that the Owyhee Desert is one of the darkest places in the US?! Which means it’s one of the best places to stargaze ✨🤩✨ By day, the Owyhee is a surreal land of caldera rims, valleys filled with twisted rock spires, and undulating hills stretching back as far as you can see. It’s also the perfect place to go fishing or rafting! The Owyhee Canyonlands, spanning Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada, are lands traditionally and presently inhabited by members of the Paiute, Bannock, and Shoshone tribes.

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Follow the Water

Follow the Water

Follow the Water is about our relationship with our rivers. It’s about connecting people with our water—where we live, work, and play. It’s also about connecting our behaviors to the rivers so we understand that what we do affects water—both positively and negatively. Follow the Water is about learning and sharing new ways to be better to our water with your friends and neighbors.

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