Cape Disappointment





Cape Disappointment doesn’t disappoint! Take a trip to the clashing waves and the immersive ocean. Cape Disappointment State Park, also known as Kah’eese by the Chinook tribe, is located along the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington. Cape Disappointment offers campgrounds, freshwater and saltwater fishing, and historical installments. The park offers seven different hiking trails where, depending on where you start, you can view the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse or North Head Lighthouse. As part of the Confluence installments, the Maya Lin project includes a fish cleaning table and an observation deck overlooking Baker Bay. The artwork commemorates Chinook tribal stories and songs from a restored native landscape. It is required for visitors to purchase a one-day or annual Discover Pass. Please follow park regulations and watch for any hazards before and during your trip!

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Follow the Water

Follow the Water

Follow the Water is about our relationship with our rivers. It’s about connecting people with our water—where we live, work, and play. It’s also about connecting our behaviors to the rivers so we understand that what we do affects water—both positively and negatively. Follow the Water is about learning and sharing new ways to be better to our water with your friends and neighbors.

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